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Please fill out the request a commission form and Alice will contact you to book you in. Alice loves to hear about happy memories and what makes your pet special to you before she starts. Alice will help you choose the perfect photo of your pet in terms of composition for the art piece, facial expression, reflection of their personality ect. Alice will do a time lapse video of your portrait being drawn and will explain in the video the guidance that comes to her through your pet. This way you can see how your pets unique personality affects the end result! 
*IMPORTANT NOTE* It doesn’t matter if your pet is alive and well with plenty of years left, older or passed over, the process is exactly the same.

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The price of each commission is bespoke and based on the estimated time it would take to complete. Alice currently charges $100 an hour for her skill and graphite (black and white) portraits typically take around 5 hours and Color Portraits typically take 10 to 15 hours to complete depending on the size. The price is set at the beginning once the artist has seen the photo she has to work from and has discussed specifics with the client. A 50% deposit is required upfront to secure the booking. Shipping is at cost and is charged at the end.