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What I have learnt from Animals I’ve worked on that have passed away ❤️.

Since actively reading into animals energy as I work I have learnt a lot about what happens to living beings when we pass away. I want to share some of the messages from this little Happy Boy. He is a pony who is no longer in physical form and I was commissioned to do his portrait for his family. He is a detailed spirit 14x17 inch color portrait.

1. My experiences have never been scary to me, I don’t feel like they are ghosts. The energy is almost the same regardless of wether the animals are alive or passed. Sometimes I wouldn’t even really know if they are alive or not unless people tell me.

If animals have been passed away a while (a couple of years or more) the energy is a lot fainter and more subtle, it’s there but sometimes I have to remind them of their life because they are very comfortable at this point and moving on in their journey. If they have passed away fairly recently (under 2 years) then the energy is very present as if they were alive still and this is where I wouldn’t be able to tell necessarily unless their owners or they tell me. (Isn’t that crazy!!)

2. Some souls transition really easily, some panick and need help… it’s disconcerting to feel that fear and darkness but it usually is to do with wether they were physically prepared for passing or not (old age and sickness in life can in some cases prepare their soul before it happens) and also how old their soul is I think. Younger souls panick more whereas old souls can be really fine and pragmatic about it and some feel happy to be back in spirit form again. Their panick usually has something to do with not understanding what has happened and with dogs if they do panick it’s usually because they aren’t there for their owners in the way they are used to. They worry more about their owners than themselves 😭. They usually tell me what they need from their owners at this point to help them transition (usually it involves the owners finding a quiet space and actively telling them they are ok and everything is fine and feeling that as they say it).

3. They way they describe it… the last dog described it as ‘I used to love looking at the sky and now I am part of the sky’. This pony described it as ‘Shape Shifting’, his energy was bright and positive and he honestly didn’t feel bothered by his passing at all. He looked back in his life with happy memories of wizzing over little fences, knowing exactly what he was doing and of helping kids. He said his form had shifted and was there to move on to something more and new, it’s hard to describe.. it wasn’t an ending but a different beginning. Hard to put the feelings into words.

4. When I say Thank you and Bye, I send them love and light and Omg one little dog sent some back to me 😭😭. He said here is some for you.. and I saw this bright little light coming towards me and it was so pure and loving. Animals seriously, they are such beautiful souls and every energy is so unique and different.

Anyway. I say this because it’s interesting what I’ve learnt. If you have lost a pet recently this might help you cope a little better, I thought it was worth sharing ❤️.

If you would like to book a spiritual portrait with me please fill out the form on my request a commission page and I will get back to you with a price list on the different sizes and mediums available.

Thank you xoxo

'Happy' 14x17 inch detailed color spirit portrait

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