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Connecting with the animals... How do I know?

Sometimes people say to me ‘how do you know if you are connecting with an animal’.

To be honest it is something I am still learning!! I think we all have the ability but some of us are more in tune with that side of ourselves than others. Firstly I think I’ve done it for a while and just not really realized or was conscious about it. It was more a ‘sense’. Now I make myself aware of it when I’m drawing to help me with my work.

So basically I say their name in my head and I’m concentrating like mad on their photo anyway (to draw what I see, all the tiny details), and I ask them if they are there and I tell them I am there and do I have their permission to connect with them.

Then I just carry on working and I look at their photo and think of them and I wait. When I sense something it comes like a whisper in the background of my mind. And when it happens I know it’s not me.. sometimes it’s words or a statement, things can get lost in translation and I’m still learning how to transcribe words because obviously they are animals they don’t use words like we do but they having been around humans they kind of know. So sometimes they use words and I might think it means one thing but I’m learning to put the words with other things I’m feeling.

I feel their energy. So if they are sad, scared, happy, peaceful, kind hearted I can feel it like I can feel it in myself and I know it’s them because my body goes goosebump and I feel a little emotional (teary) and the emotion I feel from them is out of my body like in front of me…

I can feel memories. I describe it as memories (and they may not be memories but present moments especially if they are alive) but they come to me like my own memories do. You know how memories can be a feeling or a smell or a picture. They come like that but subtle like whispering. I find animals that have passed a while ago are much more refined and even more subtle with their communications it’s softer but clearer in a way. They are often happy to hear from me and they may take a moment to remember their life. They tend to be very peaceful and pragmatic (or at least the ones I’ve worked with have been so far). Odyssey (pictured), a thoroughbred who died at the grand old age of 28 in 2016 was very much like this.

Animals that have passed recently have fallen into 2 camps. The excited camp where they are so happy and bouncy to hear from me (you’re there!!! I can still communicate this is amazing and I’m still here!!) one of the ponies I did I think must have been an old soul because she was fine having just recently passed, she had a goodness in her like I had never felt from any person or animal before it was like a blanket of warm and was humbling.

The other camp is when they are struggling, mainly with leaving their people behind ‘what has happened, this wasn’t meant to happen, oh no’ type of feelings. Those are really really hard to feel… what am I meant to tell their owners? In those cases I just try to send the animal lots of light and love and I tell them it’s Ok it’s just temporary until they get used to what has happened and I have felt them register that I am there, that they can still communicate with others and I have felt them calm when I’ve done that.

Connecting with animals has told me a lot about relationships and sometimes about owners. Especially if owners have relied on their pets a lot emotionally. Some of the animals are very brave (Poppy looking at you!!) and wanted to use the opportunity of me being a 3rd party to basically tell their owners they are ok. Some animals felt in their own bodies through sickness that a transition was happening and those ones have passed fairly easily and they feel at home when I’ve sensed them even when it’s only been a few weeks since they passed away.

Anyway It’s still a learning curve, I don’t really think anyone can teach you this sort of stuff you just have to trust your intuition and be as honest as you can.

And this lady here! Mercedeez! Was a little ball of sassy energy hahaha!! I wanted to call her Princess because she is one!

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Thank you for sharing this. I also communicate with animals, mostly horses. I know it is a great gift I've been given and a joy to have. Horses are very expressive and most have a LOT to say. I don't have your gift of expressing through art, I use my communication for healing. It's very rewarding. Bless you for sharing your gift with so many. To have a portrait of your heart horse would be the greatest gift of all.

Linda Holzer

Replying to

Thank you Linda!! Yes it is really amazing. I used to do it with my own horse all the time and I think it’s why we were so close. I only ever concentrate on it when I work now unless it’s my own cat although it can come through other times with animals. I can do it with people too and sometimes I feel the deceased but I actively shut that out because I don’t want to open that door. Im way to sensitive to be a medium for people ha ha.

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